Cebu Provincial Board Reviews Ciudad Project

Eight years is way too long for a project to be put on hold!
posted on: Friday, December 6, 2013

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Last December 2, 2013, the Provincial Board Members headed by Honorable Vice Governor Agnes Magpale had a session that tackled matters pertaining to the Province of Cebu and included in this session was the long-delayed Ciudad project.

You might have heard about Ciudad in the past but nonetheless, let me take you to the day when Ciudad was presented to the Cebu Provincial Board Members.

1. The session was called to order while Honarable Agnes Magpale made a roll call of Cebu Provincial Board Members.

2. After the roll call, the session commenced.

3. The first presentation on that day was the Ciudad project.

4. A slideshow was presented in the presence of the board members, Cebu Provincial Capitol employees, and media personnel.

5. So what was the vision of this project?

6. What else?

7. Once the project will be completed, Ciudad promised three things. Number 1:

8. Number 2:

9. Number 3:

10. Who are the people responsible in making this project a success?

11. What are the inspiration and concept behind Ciudad? Let’s connect the dots and start with Letter C for Culture. We all know that Cebu is the very first capital of the Philippines.

12. I for Government. The first fort can likewise be seen in Cebu.

13. U for Commerce and Trade. If the first capital and fort is in Cebu, so is the first street ever built.

14. D for Religion and Culture. The bastion of Roman Catholicism can be found in Cebu.

15. A for Education. University of Sto. Thomas might want to argue about this but Cebu was the first to establish a school in the Philippines.

16. D for Industry and Technology. Cebu is the oldest Westernized City in the Philippines!

17. So what is Ciudad’s mission?

18. There are three things that Ciudad is looking forward to. Number 1:

19. Number 2:

20. Number 3:

21. After the presentation was made, questions were asked and answers were given. Micheal Dino of Fifth Avenue Property Development Corporation was very thankful to Vice Governor Agnes Magpale for her comment “On a personal note, I like the concept. I like connecting the culture and the arts. It is a face we really need. It defines Cebu.” 

22. Just to reiterate, Fifth Avenue is willing to buy property as long as it’s through Swiss Challenge with right of first refusal. This was a question posed by Board Member Holganza while the audience was listening intently.

23. After the presentation, the two parties shook hands and talked for a few minutes.

24. Here’s a sneak peek of the Ciudad mall that will be constructed as soon as the project will get the majority votes of the Cebu Provincial Board.

Skyscraper City

25. Provincial Board Member Julian B. Daan of the 1st District suports the project and here’s what he said.


What are your thoughts on the Ciudad Project?