Cebuano Spirit Put Out Two Huge Fires. More than 700 homes affected.

It needed more than the firemen to stop the blaze!
posted on: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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March 18, 2014 proved to be a day of superlatives for Cebu.

It was a day of glory and great ordeal.

 and a day of great ordeal because both Cebu City and Mandaue City experienced huge fires separately, which turned a lot of houses to ashes.

Fire in Barangay Lorega. ( )

Around 6 p.m. of March 18, 2014, a huge fire hit Barangay Lorega, consuming eight sitios into waves of fiery might.

Some netizens were able to capture both video and photo clips.

 From afar, the fire looked daunting and terrifying!

Photo courtesy of Audi Bontia

Surviving the fire is one thing but it is another to survive life after the fire.

Photo courtesy of Tonee Despojo

Barangay Lorega wasn’t the only victim that day. Earlier in the afternoon, Casuntingan in Mandaue also suffered a huge fire. What’s left of the victims are dreams turned into dust.

Photo courtesy of April Comeros

Everything seems bleak…

Photo courtesy of April Comeros

…and grey.

Photo courtesy of April Comeros

Homeowners returned to their houses in the hopes of finding something that can still be used…

Photo courtesy of April Comeros

…even if they are just pieces of nails and scrap metals.

Photo courtesy of April Comeros

According to the Mandaue News Service, more than 300 houses and at least three business establishments were consumed by the fire in Sitio Nangka of Barangay Casuntingan at around 2 p.m.

But how on earth were the two fires put out? We all know that our dear firemen did everything that they can even if they have limited resources.

The situation called for the spirit of bayanihan!

The residents assisted the firemen and the firemen helped the residents, too. Even private companies did their share of help.

Buckets were filled with water in an effort to help stop the fire.

Eventually, both the fires in Barangay Lorega and Barangay Casuntingan were controlled. This only leads us to one conclusion; fire can be our best friend and best enemy but as long as we stick together, our lives will become better.

Did you experience such a catastrophe? If yes, how did you react?