You Know You’re Cebuano If You’re Craving For These Fruits

Since these fruits are always available in every corner of Cebu, we can’t help but crave for them.
posted on: Friday, October 17, 2014
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We Cebuanos are familiar with these fruits because they can be found in virtually every corner of Cebu. They’re a cheap way of strengthening our bodies other than buying multivitamins.

When’s the last time you’ve eaten these fruits?

1. Guava

Bayabas. Its name used to be always heard among young students who choose to cut classes so they could climb and steal guava fruits from a grumpy old man’s backyard.

The good ol’ times before the internet came…

2. Atis


Known as sugar-apple in English, atis’s shape is composed of knobby segments and has white flesh and slippery black seeds. Atis tastes sweet but what makes it popular among our lolas is its leaves which can be used to alleviate fever and cough!

3. Pineapple

Bjarki Reyr via

If you walk along the streets of Cebu, you can find a handful of vendors who sell extra cold pineapple to chill your summer. The pineapples they sell have their skin already peeled off and sliced into bitesize chunks!

4. Watermelon

No other fruit can effectively quench a Cebuano’s thirst than a cold pakwan!

Here’s a joke: How do you get a watermelon pregnant?

Answer: You pakwan!

5. Papaya

This fruit is notorious for its countless black seeds inside its orangy flesh. Having many seeds makes a papaya easy to plant though. If you have a backyard, you can try plant one.

6. Orange

Dane Boe youtube channel

This is my main source of vitamin C when I was young. Now that I’m old, it’s Vitamin C capsule that I take.

We usually get our oranges from neighboring countries since we can’t grow them here. T_T

7. Ripe Mango

George Parilla via Flickr

Ah, mango. The fruit’s abundance here in Cebu has allowed every one of us taste its heavenly sweetness. Even our province is known for dried mangoes.

DID YOU KNOW that the Zambales mango is the fruit according to the Guinness Book of World Records?

8. Apple

Fuji apples are perhaps the most popular type of apple we have here in Cebu.

Though apples don’t grow here in the Philippines, we usually import them from other countries such as China.

9. Banana

One of Cebuanos’ favorite fruit, banana is not just tasty, it’s affordable. There are many varieties of bananas in the Philippines such as Latundan and Lacatan.

You should eat more banana since its cheap and healthy for your body.

10. Unripe Mango

They say pregnant women like to eat unripe mango as a lihi. It’s sour taste best complements with salt or hipon.

Chances are, you’ve probably been a patron of unripe mango during elementary and high school days.

Ahh… I still remember when my mom used to buy me these fruits…

And I still remember when we would steal papayas from our neighbor…