These Children’s Drawings Are Made Into Stuffed Toys. Cool Or Creepy?

This studio makes a one of a kind product.
posted on: Friday, August 22, 2014
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Child’s Own Studio┬áis a company that creatively turns any children’s drawing into stuffed toys.

Founded by artist Wendy Tsao, this company produces stuffed toys exclusively made by hand.

Here are some of them:

Orin, age 5

cat by orin age 5

Wendy Tsao |

Myles, age 10

boy by myles age 10

Wendy Tsao |

Francis, age 7

francis drawing, age 7

Wendy Tsao |

Fabricio, age 6

monster by fabricio age 6

Wendy Tsao |

Lila, age 3

lila's drawing, age 3

Wendy Tsao |

Wilson, age 4

orange cat by wilson age 4

Wendy Tsao |

Maja, age 4

fish by maja age 4

Wendy Tsao |

Erin Elizabeth, age 10

stuffed toy girl by erin age 10

Wendy Tsao |

Dillon, age 6

rooster by dillon age 6

Wendy Tsao |

Jess, age 6

man by jess age 6

Wendy Tsao |

Spencer, age 10

muscle cat by spencer age 10

Wendy Tsao |

Brianna, age 10

rabbit by brianna age 10

Wendy Tsao |

Sophia, age 10

black cat by sophia age 10

Wendy Tsao |

Lucas, age 7

ninja by lucas age 7

Wendy Tsao |

Runa, age 5

elephant by runa age 5

Wendy Tsao |

Interested? There’s no age limit so you can design your own stuffed toy too!