Civilians answer typhoon victims’ call for help

posted on: Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Once again, the effects of the super typhoon Yolanda prompted the bayanihan spirit Filipinos are known for.

Thousands of victims need help, especially basic needs–water, food, clothing, and shelter.

According to Abraham Maslow, proponent of the theory Maslow’s hierarchy of needsthe absence of the most basic need would mean that the likelihood of man’s survival would be slim to none.

In an effort to address the immediate needs of the Yolanda-struck victims, concerned citizens from all over the Philippines and abroad devoted time to buy grocery supplies in bulk, repack relief goods and donate them to various organizations, or join distribution of relief goods, medical missions, and stress debriefing sessions.

Among them are individuals who choose to help in the way they know how. Instead of joining the well known organizations and foundations, they choose to stay low profile and do their own share of helping.

Let us take a look at some individuals in Cebu who formed groups in order to help the typhoon Yolanda victims.

1. Janice Y. Perez and her group

In an appeal of help in her Facebook account, her friends outside and in the Philippines gave monetary and in-kind donations. From what their group has collected, they bought various food and water products they repacked in bags. The first batch of relief goods were already given to the people of Bantayan Island.

The first batch of relief goods, which is composed of more than 100 packs, are packed in about two hours. (Image courtesy of Janice Y. Perez) On their second round, they are able to pack 200 bags of relief goods! (Image courtesy of Janice Y. Perez) Janice and her group purchase these medicines in bulk and got 10 percent discount from a local pharmacy last November 11, 2013. (Image courtesy of Janice Y. Perez) They also purchase 20 sacks of corn grits last November 13, 2013. All of their relief goods will go to victims of typhoon in Bantayan Island. (Image courtesy of Janice Y. Perez)

2. Edmund James Y. Porter and family

Edmund Porter works as Operations Manager at Porter Marina, Cebu and lives in Liloan.

Just like Perez, Porter received cash donations from his relatives and friends here and abroad.

He and his family went to Bantayan Island yesterday to distribute the relief goods that they have prepared.

Edmund’s sister, Stephanie Porter Letrondo, distributes relief goods in Sitio Onse, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. (Image courtesy of Edmund James Y. Porter) The kids did not mind the heat of the sun and the long queue as long as they can get goodies from Porter’s contingency. (Image courtesy of Edmund James Y. Porter) They receive lots of smiles from the victims after distributing bags of goodies. (Image courtesy of Edmund James Y. Porter) A young boy looks at Stephanie as she hands him some biscuits. (Image courtesy of Edmund James Y. Porter)

3. Lumad Sugbo

Lumad Sugbo is a group of nurses and their friends who organized a relief operation for the people of Bantayan Island.

This small of group of mountain climbing enthusiasts (Chris Ouano, Christopher Ngosiok, Katrina Daguil, Ralph Jadraque, Von Manseras, Liza, Youseel, etc.) started packing relief goods last night at the Premiere Citi Suites along M.P. Yap Street (near Baseline) using the money that they have collected from various donors here in the Philippines and abroad.

The money that was collected were used to purchase sacks of rice, canned goods, and water.

While they were very busy packing bags yesterday for the typhoon Yolanda victims, a Japanese-American guest in the hotel saw them and offered money to buy six sacks of rice. The donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that he prefers to make known that his donation was courtesy of

Aside from planning a relief operation to the people of Bantayan Island on Sunday, they are also coordinating with medical doctors and psychologists to provide the residents with a free medical mission and stress debriefing activities.

More than 300 bags were packed yesterday by Lumad Sugbo. (Image courtesy of Lumad Sugbo) Members brainstorm on how they will implement their relief efforts. They also received clothes as donations. And shoes!

To help any of these groups in administering relief efforts, visit their Facebook page or accounts:

Aside from joining relief operations,