Common Lies We Tell Ourselves When Making New Year’s Resolutions

Don’t kid yourself, man!
posted on: Friday, December 20, 2013
Chris Wayne Comendador
Wayne is your geek guy who loves music and basketball. He's a social advertising mentor in University of the Visayas New School of Arts and Design (UVNS). Now he runs as Chief Operating Officer.
Growth Hacker

It just keeps on happening every year. Every end of the year, you waste time by writing that not-gonna-happen new year’s resolution of yours.

Here are some of the common shitty resolutions that never work out:

1. I’ll start saving more money.

This just never works for almost everybody. Everyday, there’s a whole lot of things to spend your money on. Shirt, sneakers, caps, bags, and that newly released GTA5 down the gaming store. You just can’t resist the urge to have a copy of it.

I suggest you come to a resolve of not spending money. Give it to your mom, or to your wife, or to your friend, just so you can’t spend it. Oh wait, you can just ask the money from them. Never mind, just skip saving money next year.

2. I’ll be more punctual.

Seriously? Punctuality isn’t just something you can have overnight. It’s a habit you should master. But it’s a start by having it in your list.

3. I’ll learn that new stuff.

Just don’t try. Natural talent comes in handy in learning this kind of stuff. Also, passion towards this hobby will also make it easy for you to learn playing instruments.

But if you just randomly decided to learn guitar because you saw someone playing it cool, just don’t even think of learning it. You will suck.

4.  I’ll get out of debt.

Was it money the one giving you the greatest stressor this year? Join the rest of the Filipinos who’s getting a handle on their finances .

5. I’ll have to lose some weight next year.

Losing weight can be achieved if you won’t expect overnight success. Everything boils down to the discipline you put into action while on diet and workout – more workout, less unhealthy food.

But c’mon,  who doesn’t want to eat? Everyone loves to eat. So ditch that diet plan and slack all you want. Anyway, the world will care less if you get fat.

6. I’ll quit smoking and drinking

Usually, you will ask an ex-smoker how to cope with the addiction. And then  realize that you could save much money by stopping and improve so this made it to your new year’s resolution.

But with your circle of friends who are hard drunkards and chain smokers, I doubt you’ll make it through the quarter next year.

Bottom line, you are wasting an hour of your time jotting down those can-never-be-done resolutions.

Instead, wake up and realize that these resolutions are long term investments. You want to stop drinking? Start now. Don’t wait for new year to come before you put yourself into action. Start mild to gradually change; nothing is achieved if you’ll rush things up.