Davao Mayor Duterte has Short but Powerful Words About the SAF 44

posted on: Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Eliezer Sanchez
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“Itigil muna ng kongreso ang pag-pass ng BBL, which in the first place, mayroong constitutional questions. There can be no peace unless justice is first served.”

duterte speaks to meadia

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte simply and strongly points the above out. And of course, we all know it’s all about the mishap that happened to the 44 soldiers of the PNP SAF.

Duterte speaks to media

Fallen 44


Mayor Duterte said that both sides involved in the BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) should help each other, especially in seeking justice; if they are sincere in the proposed peace talks and peace process.

Mayor Duterte on peace talks

peace talks




Duterte implies that before proceeding to pass the BBL, the government must first give justice for the deceased SAF 44 or else there will be forever bitterness and anger in the hearts of our men in service.

Mayor Duterte speaks to the public

In short, in Duterte’s powerful words…





No peace without justice!