Disaster Tech Lab Volunteer Shares Experience In Yolanda-Hit Christian Camp

by Rickard Sellstedt
posted on: Saturday, December 28, 2013

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I’m Rickard Sellstedt and I am a volunteer from Disaster Tech Lab. Our main focus is to provide communication services in disaster-struck areas and make necessary preparations for the volunteers who will be coming, so they could start working as soon as they get there.

We went to Arapal Christian Camp (ACC), situated two kilometers from San Remegio highway, last December 11. ACC is a Christian camp that was devastated by super typhoon Yolanda.

When we got there, we gave out 50 shirts, half of which had the Disaster Tech Lab logo while the other half had another logo.

The shirts where donated from Disaster Tech Lab and another company in Europe.

I assisted in giving out the shirts to the children in Arapal Camp.

Arapal Christian Camp is not just a camping ground. Every weekend, 35 kids come to the camp to play, eat, and study. They also do chores such as cleaning the surroundings, picking up fire wood, planting trees, and helping fix the meals. Parents take turns cooking as volunteers. During the week, the kids attend public schools and on weekends they come to the camp. We provide the kids with uniform, shoes, school supplies, etc. They also get a little school allowance every week. If they need help or have any problems, they know that they can always come to the camp and ask for help. This program is called Tree of Life.

Children’s laughter and smiles filled the air!

I also donated materials for two ladies who lost their houses during the typhoon, so that they can start rebuilding their houses and their lives.

I dedicated two weeks of my time in order to help the people in Arapal Christian Camp.