Disco Music Your Parents May Have Danced To In The 80s

Have you seen your parents dance the Rico Mambo?
posted on: Thursday, May 15, 2014

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The 80s was the time when you can get away with huge hair, shoulder pads and crazy clothes.

It was also a decade full of disco music.

Your parents, and grandparents, were once teenagers too and they may have danced to the beat of these songs.

1. Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

2. Rico Mambo by Breakfast Club

3. Smooth Criminal by Micheal Jackson

4. Venus by Bananarama

5. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves

6. Material Girl by Madonna

7. I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

8. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

9. Heaven Is a Place On Earth by Belinda Carlisle

10. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

C’mon, don’t lie, these songs got you dancin.

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