DJ Mo At It Again, Posts A Photo Of Jules Estrada And His Ferrari

Is it just for publicity or is the DJ’s hate justified?
posted on: Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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Looks like DJ Mo Twister is still not finished with his feud with the Estrada siblings.

In his latest post, he showed a picture of Jules Estrada, son of Senator Jinggoy, and his allegedly new Ferrari that costs millions of pesos:

Instagram | djmotwister

In the said photo, the DJ added the caption:

How to Properly Be A Douchebag.

Step 1: Get a Ferrari and pretend you paid for it.

Step 2: Tweet a pic of the key.

Step 3: Over the weekend, go to a five 5 star hotel with said Ferrari

and Step 4 (most important): clip and dangle the key OUTSIDE of your pants so everyone can see that the key has a Ferrari emblem and we can all pretend to drool in envy that you have a Ferrari instead of our country having a new school setup somewhere people may have needed it. Jules, you are Proper Douche.

Just a month ago, DJ Mo Twister went to a Twitter war with Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s kids after he asked on Twitter for Jolo Estrada’s account so he could “cyber-bully” him.