Do You Know That These 10 Signs Mean School Is Back?

posted on: Thursday, May 29, 2014
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Are you feeling it? Yes, summer is ending and the dreaded truth that school is back haunts us like a nightmare on elm street. 

June is coming and it only means one thing – it’s back to school!

School is cool, no matter how much you dislike waking up early or being stuck in traffic on your way to school.

So, what are the signs that school is indeed back?

You may notice these:

1. Mothers are flocking in department stores

To buy school supplies of course.

Hain kaha nindot i-shopping, any suggestions?

2. Enrollment is now going on

You should enroll as early as possible to avoid the long lines of late enrollees, but it’s acceptable if you enroll in the last day. Pinoy style ba.

3. School ads on radio and television

Have you seen Daniel Padilla’s ad about how great this computer college is? Choose your school wisely and don’t get carried away by advertisements.

4. Budget tips on the news

Umagang Kay Ganda Facebook Page

Watch Winnie Cordero on TV for the latest prices of school supplies and how to effectively budget your money this coming school year.

5. Students are back from vacation

Your rich classmates are back from outer space or Singapore or Boracay according to their Facebook update. You shouldn’t envy them, you should have your most awaited vacation soon…

6. Back to school sales

Beware of substandard items! Basig dali ra mabali ang lapis nga imong gipalit! Also, make sure that your kid’s school supplies are non-toxic.

7. Tailors/Seamstresses are in demand

Flickr, photo by laz’andre

Hala, ipatahi na na inyong uniporme, make sure nga sakto ang sukod. Ari sa akong lolo, barato ra!

8. New shoes

Your old shoes might still be fine, but a nice new pair of shoes is awesome. Then let’s start the baptism by stepping dirty shoes on them.

9. Brigada Eskwela

Endorsed by APO Hiking Society. Hayahay ang taga-private kay wala’y ingon ani.

Though it’s too much of a hassle it’s part of the enrollment process. Go clean your classroom now!

10. Your parents’ debt is increasing

This is the sad part. Tuition fee keeps on increasing while our parents’ salary doesn’t. Wala na intawo’y mahimo si mama mangutang na lang sa bumbay.

That’s why study seriously, dili lalim malubong sa utang. Biyai sa nang Dota og uyab-uyab!

School is coming back, dili na jud mapugngan.

Just enjoy school, you might miss it when you graduate.

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