10 Cebuano Words You Might Have Heard But Not Know Its Meaning

Try reading a poem in Cebuano language. Hard, isn’t it?
posted on: Sunday, April 20, 2014
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The Cebuano language is a beautiful one, expressive and romantic.

But with our schools not teaching the Cebuano language like it teaches Filipino, it is slowly fading away.

Try writing or reading a ‘balak’ (poem) or listening to Cebuano songs.

Do you find some words that you don’t understand the meaning?

Here are some Cebuano words worth knowing.

You may have heard and know some of them:

1. Agipo


A name of a bisrock band who popularized the songs “Sikwati” and “Tamsi”. ‘Agipo’ in Bisaya means burning wood or ember.

2. Alindahaw


You might have heard the song “Ako’y Pobreng Alindahaw”, where alindahaw in the lyrics refers to a dragonfly. This might be an error for ‘alindahaw’ means drizzle. It should be ‘alindanaw’ which is dragonfly in Bisaya.

3. Ambongan / Maanyag


‘Guapo’ and ‘guapa’ are derived from Spanish. Use the word ‘ambongan’ for men and ‘maanyag’ for women.

4. Bakho


No, it’s not a large vehicle used for digging. ‘Bakho’ means to sob.

5. Bidlisiw


Mentioned in a famous Cebuano song “Gugmang Giatay”, ‘bidlisiw’ means sunlight.

5. Gumalaysay

writing an essay or gumalaysay in bisaya

Students are always busy making this and submitting it on deadline. ‘Gumalaysay’ means essay.

6. Kandiis


Does your crush have ‘kandiis’? Yeah, dimples make anyone look cuter.

7. Pansayan


‘Pansayan’ is the same as ‘kasilyas’ (toilet). Use this word to make yourself appear wiser.

8. Trato


‘Trato’ means lover. ‘Uyab’ is more commonly used though.

9. Tukma


Accurate or exact. “Magkabalik ra ‘ta sa tukmang panahon”.

10. Utlanan


It means boundary or limit. “Ang akong gugma kanimo walay utlanan”.

Let’s not forget our roots and culture.

In what way do you think we can promote and preserve our Cebuano language? Feel free and thanks in advance for contributing!