10 Reasons Why We Love the US of A

When it comes to loving the US, nobody comes close than us!
posted on: Thursday, May 1, 2014
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Yes, the USA might have conquered our country but not without conquering our hearts.

Just see this recent survey on which country has the :


Why do we love the US?

Here’s why:

10. We can speak their language


We Cebuanos even prefer speaking English than Tagalog. We can easily watch American TV shows and movies.

Plus, we can easily interact in the internet with anyone around the world.

Also, we are in the outsourcing industry.

That’s how good our English is!

9. They provide great movies


The in the Philippines are Iron Man 3 and The Avengers and some movies like The Bourne Legacy promote our country as a tourist spot.

The US has many amazing movies we should watch. Let us not forget how Kris Aquino to Andrew Garfield, it’s a proof that only Kris Aquino’s movies can fare well against the American movies. Pun intended.

8. The most popular songs we sing in videoke are from the US


We Filipinos do love to sing. Bahala na’g bati ug tingog basta maka-videoke lang.

The US provided us with a lot of songs to add to our playlist like the famous ” which is believed to have spurred several killings in videoke bars.

Popular US songs are only, sometimes, overshadowed by Aegis songs.

7. We have acquired their culture


Hamburgers, fast-food chains, movies, clothing… we wholeheartedly embrace the and assimilate it into our own. They taught us religious freedom and how important education is by providing it for free.

6. Many tourists who visit our country are Americans


They’re only second to South Koreans with 140,000 visitors from January to February 2014. Not only do we love them, they also love us!

5. The world leader in technology


Without the US, there’s no Facebook, there’s no iPhone, there will be no internet. The US is one of the  and most of the gadgets we’ve used all came from the US.

4. The US constantly sends aid in times of calamity


As a country located in the , we’re always greeted by disastrous calamities. Who’s out there to help us? It’s the USA. Just last calamity, when typhoon Yolanda struck the PHL, the US donated $86 million dollars in aid (That’s almost 4 billion pesos!).

3. The US provides us with jobs


The dollar remittances we receive from  OFWs help strengthen the economy. And obviously, the US is for Filipinos to live in.

2. The recent military deal provides us protection


With China getting more adamant with their territorial claim, the signed by the US will provide stability in the region (although this might be temporary, who knows what China might do?). The US force is enough to somehow curb China’s advancements and reach to a more peaceful resolution.

1. The US is one of the most influential countries in the world


Having one of the , the US’s influence stretches all over the globe. This leads us to think that the US is the paradigm of a successful country, which is what we aim to be.

To President Obama, if you are reading this, though you were greeted with protests when you came here in our country, please do not think that it’s because we hate you and the US. We definitely want you to stay longer and taste our local dishes.

Did I miss something? Of course!

There are thousand reasons to love the USA, what can you add to the list?