10 Things You Don’t Know About The Human Body

posted on: Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Please don’t kill all those germs in your body! Oh, what agony that would be for the human body!


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1. People who are born blonde have more hair than people who are born brunette.

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2. Your brain is 80% water.

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3. The blood vessels in your body, if put together in a single line, is 60,000 miles long.

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4. Your heart can create a pressure than can squirt blood in 30 feet.

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5. The sweat in your feet can fill up a pint of glass in one day.

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6. The only part of our body that cannot repair itself is our teeth.

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7. Just like fingers, your tongue has a unique print.

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8. Every inch of your skin has about 32 million bacteria called germaphobes, which helps keep your body healthy.

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9. Your sneeze should be caught by the police because it travels at the speed of more than 100 meters per hour!

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10. A single strand of your hair can support something that weighs 3.5 ounces.