10 Unusual Makeup Stuff in the Ancient Times

posted on: Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Crocodile dung, gladiator sweat, nightingale’s poop as makeup? Definitely odd! But oh man, what were they thinking?


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1. The dirt and sweat from a sheep’s wool was used to make faces of ancient look pale.

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2. To highlight eyes and eyelashes, ancient women used lamp soot mixed with bear fat.

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3. Since looking pale was the “in” thing in the past, some women use dried crocodile dung and pat it on their face.



4. The sweat of a gladiator was worn by women as a perfume.

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5. Cleopatra used crushed beetles to make her lips red.

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6. Japanese women used poop from nightingales to make their skin white and improve its complexion.

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7. To style hair, lard was used during the 1800s.

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8. Urine was used by the Romans to whiten their teeth and freshen their breath.

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9. To make black hair shiny and sleek, Arabian women dip their hair in camel urine.

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10. To make their facial skin blush, Roman women rub brown seaweed on their face.