DSWD VII gave swift assistance to typhoon hit areas

posted on: Monday, November 11, 2013

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office VII has prepared over 6,500 relief packs and has pooled in over a hundred staff all over the region to reactivate the Incident Command Teams for the Provinces of Bohol and Cebu even before Typhoon Yolanda made its first touchdown in the country.
As soon as super typhoon subsided and Local Government Units (LGU) started to request for augmentation yesterday, the Department readily dispatched its first batch of relief packs: 347 packs to Barangay Carreta Cebu City, 800 packs to Mandaue City and 1,800 packs to the Municipality of Consolacion.
Image courtesy of DSWD VII
As of 9AM today (November 9), DSWD-7 has dispatched a total of 4,732 relief packs to Bohol and Cebu. The Provinces of Negros Oriental and Siquijor have not requested relief assistance from the Department so far.
Together with the LGU of Consolacion, DSWD-7 has provided relief packs to Consolacion National Highschool sheltering 180 families or 1,032 individuals yesterday. Marin Auxcillo of the Municipal Social Welfare Office (MSWO) of Consolacion said that they started evacuating families located near the river side and along the shorelines since the other day (November 7). “The LGU has initially dispatched relief goods yesterday but it was not enough that is why we are asking from DSWD”, Auxcillo said.
Image courtesy of DSWD VII
DSWD-7 Regional Director Mercedita Jabagat explained that the role of DSWD is for augmentation since LGUs have predispositioned relief goods to support their own relief operations in their respective municipalities. “Once we receive requests from LGUs for assistance, that will be the time when we come in and use the list of affected families and individuals”, Director Jabagat said.
The Municipal Social Welfare Offices (MSWOs) have previously been advised to come up with a pre-emptive list of affected families and individuals in their area so that appropriate response will be taken.
DSWD field staffs together with their LGU counterparts have started monitoring and validating the extent of damage brought by the super typhoon and determine the number of families and individuals who are in need of assistance from the social welfare agency.
As of 9AM today (November 9), there is a total of 23,190 affected families or 101,579 individuals accounted in Bohol, Cebu and Negros Oriental. There are 412 existing evacuation centres with 190 in Bohol, 105 in Cebu and 117 in Negros Oriental. Based on the information gathered by the agency, the Province of Siquijor was not badly hit by the super typhoon.
“We expect that the numbers will increase in the next few hours, as we are still continuing to gather and consolidate information from our field staff assigned in the different areas in the region”, Director Jabagat said. “The challenge is getting the information from the hard hit areas as power lines and cellular sites are down”, she added.
Meanwhile, DSWD continues its 24/7 operation at the field office in Cebu City with its personnel sorting, repacking and hauling relief goods.