Pinoy Big Brother: What’s The Deal With This Human Zoo?

Scripted or not, this show has been popular with the Filipino audience.
posted on: Monday, June 2, 2014
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Pinoy Big Brother is a controversial show about humans inside a zoo – I mean house. Filipinos watch this because they are fascinated with the lives of other people, especially when the housemates show their bad (or rather, naughty) side.

I am not a fan of the show but I noticed that in this edition, the show has recruited all the pretty boys and girls they could gather. It seems like they are really catering to the younger audience, but despite their efforts, the show has sunk an all time . Despite making “innovations” like creating a twist and inviting famous stars to temporarily live inside the house (like Sandara Park), it’s rating really hasn’t moved up.

Has the Filipinos lost their interest in PBB?

Are they tired of seeing Toni Gonzaga hosting the show?

Or maybe the show isn’t trying enough to shake the viewers’ hearts?

It’s fun at the start but seeing these people confined in a house is comparable to watching animals inside a cage in a zoo.

The show has been accused of being scripted and it looks like it. It’s like the show Survivor, people manipulate each other to gain an advantage. They try to pretend to be someone likeable (plastikan to the max), and so capture the viewers’ vote. Don’t we feel disgusted watching these people doing casual conversation, eating food they rarely cook themselves and taking a shower?


Another controversy the show faced was that they already pre-selected the housemates even before the audition started. I pity those Pinoy teenagers who fall in a seemingly endless line of people only to attend in a bogus screening. They are still deceived to glitters of hearing Kuya’s voice and getting their faces displayed on national television.

TV networks will do everything just to garner high ratings. Instead of showing intelligent, engaging shows, they show crass, scripted “real life” TV show. Instead of making new stories, they recycle the over and over again. Yet the Filipino viewers are still gladly accepting whatever these networks feed in their mouths. “Tangkilikin ang sariling atin” they say, but I’d rather watch foreign shows than this one.

If you ever watch these kind of shows, you should feel bad of yourself. You’ve missed everything that’s good on TV.

But, what do you think? Have anything else to add on shows like this?

Maybe you have another idea for a show? One about Big Brother himself perhaps? LOL.