Reasons why watching the Happy video will make you happy!

Prepare to be infected with the happy virus!
posted on: Monday, May 19, 2014

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Pharrell William’s song and video took the world by storm.

Suddenly, everybody’s infected with the happy virus.

I hope you’ll be infected with the virus, especially on a manic Monday.

As to why the song makes us jovial, I can only think of 10 reasons why.

Check out my list.


Watching the video will make you happy…

Because the song title says so:

Because you finally know how to look cool while going down the stairs:

Because there’s a minion:

Because this kid has more talent in dancing than you do:


Because Pharrell Williams can pull off a signature Micheal Jackson dance move:


Because Pharrell jams with the church choir:



Because one Minion isn’t enough, so they added two:



Because the third man in this gif shows us how to jump, walk and dance at the same time:


Because random dancing looks fun:


Because happy clapping is contagious:

If you still can’t get what I’m trying to say, just check out the entire video.


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