Don’t Know What To Wear In The Beach This Summer? Here Are Some Tips

Cebuanos, we got you covered this summer!
posted on: Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

We are feeling the heat in Cebu!

And all you guys out there are very welcome to experience summer here!

I know you are so ready to fulfill that summer to-do list of yours, which you have written a year ago?

To start off, some of your list is the ripped  that you longed to achieve (check), summer outfit on the streets (check), the list of to visit (check), and what to wear when on the beach (?). What to wear? On the beach? You might have forgotten that but well, we’ve got you covered!

But first, take note of this:

Don’t ever follow the One Direction beach fashion!

Like seriously? Do you really want to wear those long pants in a beach?

Plus look at those shoes and tees, you won’t be needing those when you plunged in the seas! Anyway, here we go.

What to wear on top

Tank tops

These tank tops are proudly Cebuano made! Check their Facebook page, Tease Me Tees

Yeah, show off that bod dude, OR instead of wearing tank top, just don’t wear anything on top. Be proud of what you have.

The shorts


When wearing shorts, the length of the entire short must not exceed your knee caps and not too short, but if you are awesome enough, wear them then.

Colors must be light. Too dark will not look good on you.

Beach shorts

Beach shorts is an outfit for the swimmer on the go.

Flip flops footwear


Save those spartan slippers as it can help you look good.

If you will follow these tips, AND have that ripped body, well, congratulations!

You will be one of the hottest person on the beach this summer!

But if you think these are useless tips, I salute you but let’s see when you run around the beach, pick some girls, just like this guy below.

Confidence level: over 90000!

Follow this guys confidence level. And this is how to pick some chicks on the beach. Oh yeah!

So now your list is complete, and you know what to do.

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