Educational Shows That Only Kids In The 90s Will Remember

Prepare to experience LSS!
posted on: Sunday, May 25, 2014

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What do kids watch these days? Too much anime or manga I guess.

Compared to what we watched in the 90s, I can say I love our TV shows more then.


Because they teach kids in the most simple and fun way possible.

Hey kids of the 90s (including me), did you miss these educational shows?


1. Batibot

Do you still remember Kuya Bojie telling us wonderful stories or Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing interacting with each other? Do you know what TV show in the US inspired Batibot? It’s Sesame Street of course!


2. Sineskwela

My summer mornings wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t see Sineskwela. The show made it easy for kids to learn about science. It was fun to watch too.


3. Hiraya Manawari

If there was a TV show that taught kids the value of morality and ethics, it was Hiraya Manawari.



4. Math Tinik

Math was not my forte back in elementary days. Thank God for Math Tinik. It made Math easier for kids to understand.



5. Pahina

Pahina allows its viewers to fly with the magic carpet and rediscover the beauty of Philippine Literature.



6. Bayani

Would it be great to go back in time and see how the Philippine heroes lived?

In Bayani, the two kiddie protagonists are back in time to know more about a specific hero. Cool, isn’t it?



7. 5 and Up

was a kid-friendly documentary show that was first seen in 1992.

I first saw Atom Araullo in this TV show, as well as Rayver Cruz, Maxene Magalona and Chyna Ortaleza.


8. Sesame Street

I just love Sesame Street! My favorite characters were Big Bird, Elmo, Count Von Count, Ernie and Cookie Monster.

(I know Sesame Street was still shown way after year 2000 but do you think majority of the kids preferred to watch it over Power Rangers?)



Youtube account of Anthony Rodriguez

ATBP sings the Philippine alphabet in the most fun way.

The show was conceptualized to compete with Batibot. In case you didn’t know, Piolo Pascual was part of this show.



10. Superbook and The Flying House

Both of these shows give kids an idea on how the characters of the Bible might have lived their lives.

If time travelling isn’t fun enough, wait ’til you see an entire house fly to the past!

Based on the list, I can say our childhood TV shows were a lot better compared to what’s shown in TV today, don’t you agree?

They simply ooze with wholesomeness.