End Of The World? Facebook Down Causes Pinoy Netizens To Panic

facebook went down for a while. Let’s see how the netizens reacted.
posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2014
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Today, Facebook went down for several minutes. Here’s the statement from :

“Earlier this morning, we experienced an issue that prevented people from posting to Facebook for a brief period of time. We resolved the issue quickly, and we are now back to 100%. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

It’s the first time Facebook servers went down since 2013 as stated in the message when you try to visit the site:

Facebook became inaccessible to most countries in the world, causing an outrage among the internet community.

#facebookdown was trending in Twitter with almost 1000 tweets per minute.

Here are the reactions of Pinoy netizens to the apocalyptic event:

And more reactions…


One even asked, “What if Facebook would be gone for good?”

Looks like many were simply Facebooking because they noticed the crash right away.

 Some had to wait for eternity for their selfies to get uploaded


 There was a transport strike in Cebu when facebook was down, some thought Facebook went on strike too

Many netizens turned to Twitter, causing the site’s activity to spike in an unprecedented scale:

Anyway, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to make Facebook work again.


Meanwhile, companies rejoiced as the work productivity of their employees soared up to an all time high:


What was your reaction when Facebook went down? Did you find it inconvenient or you’re using Google+?