Ever Wonder Why Filipinos Love Karaoke? Here Are The Reasons Why.

What Filipinos feel about karaoke is even more than love.
posted on: Saturday, July 12, 2014
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It’s no doubt that karaoke has become a part of the Filipino culture.

You can almost hear someone singing karaoke anytime, anywhere.

So why do Filipinos love karaoke? Here are the reasons why:

1. It’s a good way to spend time with your family.


Is it Sunday and you want to bond with your family? Grab your magic sing and plug it on the TV. I’m sure there’s at least two of your family members who’ll grab the mic first.

2. It’s cheap compared to other forms of entertainment.


Karaoke kiosks just cost 5 pesos per song.

If you want to do it at home, just buy a made in China DVD player and a pirated karaoke CD, borrow your neighbor’s microphone and you’re ready to sing!

3. Most Filipinos dream of becoming a popular singer like Sarah Geronimo/Manny Pacquiao.


And they think they can really sing well… Don’t get me wrong my dear neighbor, Filipinos are good singers, but I don’t think you are one of them.

4. Filipino parents influence their children to love karaoke.

photo grabbed from Youtube | Migui Laviña

Karaoke has been part of the Filipino culture and has been passed down from generation to generation.

5. Karaoke is everywhere.


From your own home, to your next door neighbor, to shopping malls, to low end beer houses, karaoke machines can be found in every corner of the Philippines. Even this coffin is made into a karaoke machine.

6. It’s a way of socializing with anyone.


Want to get to know more about your pretty co-worker? Invite her and her friends in a karaoke bar. Also, other than a drinking session, karaoke is another way of bonding with your friends.

7. It’s available to all ages.


There’s no age restriction, be it your 3-year-old niece or your 90-year-old grandmother, anyone can sing the karaoke.

8. Simply because it’s fun.

Ask any Pinoy who loves singing karaoke and this is probably what he/she’ll answer.

9. It makes tagay sessions more interesting.


A is best accompanied with a loud noise, and karaoke best describes a noise.

10. Filipinos just love music and singing.

Rick Westhead / Toronto Star

Singing contests are everywhere. Even if most Filipinos who love to sing karaoke have a voice that could call the strongest of typhoons, they don’t shy away from taking the mic and singing an Aegis song.

Getty Images | Michael Coyne / Lonely Planet Images

Just a fair warning though, don’t keep on singing Sinatra’s “My Way” since it’s reportedly caused several here in the country…