Here’s An Exciting Sneak Peek Of Ayala Center Cebu’s New Wing!

The New Wing will introduce more brands that will enhance our shopping experience! Yay, did you say shopping! Let’s go!
posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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We have been waiting for quite some time already and at last, Ayala Center will finally present its New Wing to the public starting Dec. 11, 2013, its scheduled soft opening. I got an invitation and I can’t wait to finally see the expansion area!

Cebu Holdings

Last Dec. 10, some areas inside the building are still covered in thick tarpaulin as can be seen here.

and here…

But when you go outside, you’ll see concrete covered in chocolate brown paint, which I think looks like chocolate bars piled in beautiful lines.

And if you want a bigger chocolate bar, just head on to this area…

They have already placed ornamental plants on the sidewalk, which I’m sure will be ready for the soft opening.

Here are the chocolate bars again, including ones made of white chocolate.

Here’s the modern contemporary majestic entrance near City Sports Complex and Marriot Hotel.

And yes, the new wing is quite big!

I’m pretty sure our cars would love to drive through here!

Finally, here’s one portion (near Marriot Hotel) which I think I will love because it has greens and a walking area covered in concrete tiles.

Isn’t the New Wing just lovely?

Check out later and view more exciting photos of Ayala Center Cebu’s New Wing!