These Filipino Fail Signs Will Surely Make You Laugh (Part 3)

We Filipinos always have time to laugh at everything. Even at signboards!
posted on: Saturday, October 11, 2014
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Signboards are everywhere in the Philippines and most of them are written in English.

It isn’t surprising. English is much shorter to write than Tagalog or Bisaya.

Anyway, due to human error or just plain deficiency of vocabulary, there are signs that just make us laugh. It’s just that Filipinos are usually himantayon and they easily notice if someone failed to use the right English words (I’m careful to not make any grammatical errors here!).

Sorry for laughing!

1. Obtain braces from any dentist, just not from this guy! | jojie alcantara

2. Oh hail our FressKing!

Maria Clara Pinterest

3. I – I don’t really blame your name, Dina.

4. I’ll give you A for A-ffort.

5. Yeah, you should wait for the wet paint to dry!

6. I understand some of these words…

7. Bisaya pronunciation of ‘waitress’.

8. Good sign if posted in an ukay-ukay store.

9. Mangadto ta’g e-gate na!

10. Ikaw na, Mang Nestor!!!

Despite having numerous problems to deal with, we still find time to laugh, right?