This Photo Won 1st Prize, But The 2nd Prize Winner Will Definitely Amaze You

Aerial photography is an exciting way of taking photographs using flying robots.
posted on: Friday, July 11, 2014
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 is an international community for photographers who use Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, a flying robot capable of being remotely controlled or fully-autonomous flight, to take breathtaking aerial photos.

DIY Drones’ first international photography contest on May 15 have been a successful run with over 1500 photos published and a global participation.

Anyway, here are the winners of the aerial photography contest (A fellow Filipino wins second place!):

Awards of the most amazing aerial views

3rd Prize: Annecy, France | drone-cs

2nd Prize: Manila, Philippines | jericsaniel

The Filipino photographer writes:

“Went back to my home town in the Philippines. I was flying in the park one Sunday morning when suddenly people had become really interested with my drone.

Looking at this picture, I realized how happy my drone makes of these people.”

1st Prize: Bali Barat National Park | capungaero

The first prize winner writes:

“We were taking vertical aerial photos using autopilot. Suddenly the eagle came and chasing our drones, so I decided to take over and switch to manual control. After few minutes we discovered that the eagle did not attack the drone but chasing and playing with it.”

Awards of the most liked photos

?3rd Prize: Sofia Stadium, Bulgaria | IceFire

2nd Prize: Sanary, France | jams69

1st Prize: Tamul waterfall, Mexico | postandfly

 The aerial photography contest was launched on May 15 in partnership with National Geographic.

What international contest do you think would Filipinos top next time?