First Day of School. Here’s What Students Think. Relate?

First day high!
posted on: Monday, June 2, 2014

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Today is first day of school to some students.

There are mixed emotions. Some are excited. Some are not.

In my perspective, students of today are very lucky because they can already share to the world how they feel during the first day of school, via social media websites like Twitter.

I search for the hashtag #firstdayofschool and look what I found!

A myriad of Twitter gems!

I had fun reading them.

Take a look and have fun as well!


Bored. Bored. Bored.


Shy Mode


Allowance is back! Happiness Mode!


Tired! Stressed!


Raeven is not that excited at all…


Teacher gives task on first day of school. Too bad for Mish.


Maka-relate ko ni Keithmarie. In-ani pud ko sauna. (I can relate with Keithmarie because I used to be like this.)


May hang-over pa sa vacation si Gilean? Absent kasi. LOL!


Kung absent si Gilean, absent din si teacher. Ang saya-saya siguro ng buong classroom.


New Classmates = Happiness!


Caryl just can’t contain her excitement and keeps on talking about it!


Kinsa diri ang gimingaw sa ilang crush sauna? Oiii! Hehehehe! (Who misses their crush at school?)


John has a new crush! Oiii!


I would like to photograph Carmina’s nametag!


Hindi ka nag-iisa Julyca!


Sleepy but still has time for selfie.


Better late than never!


Ang suerte naman ni Kim. Sayo nakauli from school!


Half Day Happines!


Nervous si Jilyn. Baka dahil sa “introduce yourself” thingy. Hehehe!


Memorize Mode. Hahay!


Selfie with Friends


Their tweets are fun, right?

Can you still remember how you felt on your first day of school? How was it?

Let us know how you feel. Share your experiences at school.

Feel free to hit the comment section below.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with a video of First Day High by Kamikaze.