For Dudes: 10 Crazy Reasons Why You Are Still Single Since Birth

posted on: Sunday, November 3, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Before you go on a wonderful journey of self-discovery while reading this article, you might want to truthfully answer these questions:

Do you have a girlfriend?

Have you ever been in a date?

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Are you still a virgin?

Have you ever been in a relationship?

If you answer no to all these awkward questions, congratulations you’re not alone.

Apparently we share the same burden, bro.

So you ask, why the hell are you in this situation?

Here are 10 crazy reasons why you are still single since birth:


You love inanimate objects, you buy expensive costumes, you’d rather go to LAN parties than clubs and by party I mean playing online games with friends.

Yep, you are a nerd/geek and this sometimes distract you from having social interaction with the opposite sex.

Nerds and geeks have an addictive tendency towards their passion.

The distinction of both nerd and geek is unclear but the usual trademark of a geek is the lack of social skills.

A geek usually mills around other geeks while a nerd shies away from conversation and prefers to be alone.

2.You are way too nice

Being too nice is sometimes bad for a relationship.

Well. you’ll end up on friendzone.

Being just friends can be the saddest part of a relationship.

It happens when you develop a romantic feeling for someone but that someone only thinks of you as a good friend.

Usually girls you might have a crush on falls for #medyobadboy kind of guy.

3. You’re an asshole

If you think that I’m contradicting my number 2 reason, you are actually wrong.

You see we can’t stereotype all the girls out there.

Yes being nice makes you end up in the friends-only-zone but being an asshole can also land you on the hate zone.

It is more horrible to be hated compared to being on friendzone, at least by being a friend you get to talk to the girl of your dreams.

4. You’re so damn high

No it doesn’t mean that you’re stoned from taking drugs, it means that you managed to acquire so much awesome success in you’re life that girls are intimidated to go even near you.

5. Too choosy

In life we have to accept who we are, fishing for a supermodel is hard but if that’s your goal nobody’s gonna stop you.

I suggest to think twice because you have around 1% chance of getting hitched.

Besides, are you sure you would be happy with an “uber” hot supermodel girlfriend?

6. You’re gay

You find the presence of a female human being annoying, you keep hanging out with gays and guys, you never had a girlfriend before and you like bromance.

Admit it, you’re gay.

Sorry this article isn’t for you.

But, if you want to continue reading this article go ahead.

Just to be clear I’m not a homophobe.

7. You’re weird

You’re not gay but you are weird.

You walk like the world is you’re body, you talk  elvish (Lord of the Rings language), you use  as a way to communicate with your friends because apparently English is so overrated.

Yup, you are weird, speaking on Alibata and Elvish tongues won’t help you get any girl, unless you find  someone similar to you and that’s a different story.

The odds of finding a girl similar to your weirdness is also at 1%.

8.Friends and family

In this case it’s kinda different.

You ain’t got time for girls because you love your friends – you hangout with them like there’s no tomorrow.

You listen to your mother when she says “Ayaw sa panguyab dong ha kay school sa (don’t have a relationship yet, because you are still in high school)” and you follow her advice even until you graduate from college.

Worse, your life revolves around your family.

9. You work too much

You take your job seriously, you don’t go out because you need to finish your task.

You know if you choose to be a workaholic , you won’t find any girl because you don’t even have time for your self.

10. You lack balls

No matter who you are, geek, nerd, weird or whatever.

If you just continue to make excuses you won’t get any girl.

Making a conscious decision to fall in love is the key to fall in love.

If you decide to remain single, it is up to you.

But, if you are eager to get a partner, just go for it and have some balls for crying out loud.