10 Filipino Practices That Foreigners Immediately Notice (Part 3)

Foreigners find the Philippines a nice place to visit. Inevitably, they’ll notice these Filipino practices.
posted on: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
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Foreigners flock into our country especially when it’s summer to experience our great beaches and food. If you’re a foreigner, enjoy your stay! You might notice these Filipino practices while staying in our beautiful country:

1. There’s always food wherever you are!


Street vendors, carinderias, restaurants, fast food chains, you’ll never run out of food if you just have money to spend. Good news is everything is cheap in the Philippines (well, compared to, say, U.S.).


2. Your Pinoy friends will immediately challenge you to taste this special and very tasty (trust me!) Filipino delicacy. It’s a Filipino practice of saying, “Welcome to the Philippines!”.

Well, this snack is also found in other neighboring countries like Vietnam but it’s more known in the Philippines.


Pinoys believe that balut can make your knees stronger and it’s also aphrodisiac! Balut vendors usually appear in the darkness of the night so you can eat it at a dim environment where you can’t see its grossness!


3. In every Filipino dining table, a sawsawan is always present!


Be it soy sauce or vinegar or ketchup, be sure to dip your pork chop like your Filipino homies! It’s a Filipino kind of thing, we love sawsawan! It’s a common practice to dip every kind of food, even it’s already flavorful on itself!


4. Filipinos ‘baptize’ their pandesal by dunking it into their coffee.


You should try it as well! There’s a profound Filipino saying that goes “Walang matigas na tinapay sa mainit na kape!” (There’s no hard bread to a hot coffee!)


5. Filipinos love nicknames and they’re repetitive!


We have President Noynoy, Senator Bongbong, and you can call me Chanchan!


6. Filipinos are religious.

You always see them go to church with their families on Sundays or on special occasions such as Holy Week and Christmas…



Or performing the sign of the cross immediately after riding a public vehicle (for safety of course!) or before a boxing match…



Or celebrating various religious festivals such as Sinulog!!!

Tom Cockrem | Getty Images


7. Filipinos LOVE basketball. Even Pacquiao coaches one basketball team!

And you can see basketball courts (even makeshift ones) in every towns here in the Philippines.


Filipinos do love to practice their basketball skills even if they’re… well… short!


8. You might see some shirtless guys outside their houses. Trust me they’re harmless.

Don’t worry, they’re just keeping their electric bill minimal – relying on natural wind instead of using electric fan!

Regina Belmonte via junsabayton.tumblr.com


9. Filipinos eat at least eight times a day. Breakfast, snacks, lunch, merienda, merienda, pulutan, dinner, and no-one-saw-me-take-that-cookie-from-the-fridge-so-it-doesn’t-count.

Excerpt from A Matter of Taste by Matthew Sutherland



10. Filipinos are good in English… but they sometimes pronounce F as P or V as B or Z as S!


Let me leave a last message that just ignore anyone who stares at you… especially if you’re white and stands 6 foot tall.