Gags You Can Do During The Holiday Season

Because gags give a more festive Holidays!
posted on: Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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Now that the noche buena and gift giving are over, take a breather and have some fun for a while!

You can do these harmless gags and get all the laughter you can get.

Act like you are a forgetful person.

Kelly of Tweet Police shares another easy prank.

Santa acts bonkers in the street.

Older Man Regifts Presents to Young Hot Girl

Act as Dracula Claus and get pie on your face!

Pop out a mistletoe and start kissing people!

Fight like a Santa!

Use puppets for your interview prank!

More Santa pranks!

Plant a quick-growing Christmas tree!

Elevator transports you to Winter Wonderland!

Give lots of cash to charity!

Act like a sloppy Santa!

Cops singing Christmas carols!

Offer some spongecake!

Give someone a sexy Santa surprise!

Give some blizzard!

Which of these pranks do you think you can pull off successfully?