Look! I’ts Gabriel Valenciano doing his ‘super selfie’ with ……… Gary Valenciano!

This is what will happen if one parent is away and the other is left at home with the kids!
posted on: Friday, December 20, 2013
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

This is an interesting video posted by Gabriel Valenciano on YouTube titled “Super Selfie – The Father and The Son feat. Gary Valenciano”. Watch the video below:

At first, the Internet was confused:

Why wouldn’t you be? Especially when you see this in the beginning, thinking about the slo-mo..

And then they went like this…

And doing something like Michael Jackson’s moves…

Which rendered them as “drug addict”..

But the Internet slowly recognized the hidden gem, which make them feel magical…


And getting one of Internet’s highest word: AWESOME!

There were some that were inspired…

Gab’s latest “Super Selfie” video featuring his father gained more than 900,000 viewers, almost tying up with his other “Super Selfie: Tune Squad” that gained over 1 million viewers.

When asked by y on what’s a “super selfie”, he said, “There really is no specific definition to it. I guess it’s a ‘selfie’ that has nothing to do with taking a photo of yourself. Rather, a video of yourself disregarding (most important word) your self-image, letting loose and just tearing it up.”

Take note, “….letting loose and just tearing it up…” with your father. Nice bonding time. Why not do as the guy suggest… “to dance in the snow–in the street..”