Happy mother’s day is not enough. Tell Your Mom Before It’s Too Late

posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014

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To all mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day!

To all those whose mothers have already left this world, Happy Mothers Day still!

If your mom isn’t here anymore, I bet you have a lot of things you want to say to her.

Don’t worry she can still hear you. Say it.

For those of you whose mommy is still up and about can hear you speak.

Before it’s too late.

Say these beautiful words to her NOW:


1. I’m sorry.


Maybe  you had a fight. Before she’s gone you might wish to say I’m sorry.


2. You were right. I was wrong.


Most mothers would always think what’s best for their offspring. She would usually give you advice. Sometimes you think mom is wrong and you were right. Then in time, you realized that she was right. You end up regretting.


3. I will listen to you.


Now that you realized that your mother was right, you should tell her that “I should’ve listened to you.” Although chances are, she’s going to say “I told you so”.


4. I will treat you with love and respect.


How do you treat your mom? Do you give her enough respect? Do you politely agree or disgree with her? If she screams at you, do you scream back? Lest you regret later just say iy now “I should treated you better” and find ways to give her what’s due her.


5. I will be a better person now.


Maybe you are the black sheep of the family. They always say it exists in every family.

Let me give you an example. In the Bible, the prodigal son ask for his father’s forgiveness after realizing all the faults he has made. But imagine this time, the father was dead when the son came back home. It could have been better if the prodigal son was able to tell her father (although let’s relate this to moms this time) that he is sorry and that he has realiazed he was wrong so he will do his best to become a better person. That would have been a happy ending, right?


6. I will make you proud.


Now that you want to be a better person, don’t you just wished you have painted a smile on your mother’s face? Every time you get promoted at work or receive a medal, it’s a perfect expression of love because you make her proud?


7. Please stay with me.


Tell her now how much you wish that she stays with you forever rather than whisper this when she is gone


8. Thank you.


After all that she has done to you, this is what you can say to her.

9. I miss you.


She is not getting any younger, express your feelings to her.


10. I love you.


There is no better gift than to say these sweet words to your mom on mother’s day.

Happy mother’s day!