Have You Tried Boodle Fight? Ngaon Ta!

Picking up food with your bare hands and eating like there’s no tomorrow. Boodle fight is a Filipino culture we can be proud of.
posted on: Friday, April 25, 2014
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Set up the table. Lay the banana leaves. Serve the dishes and… fight!


Boodle fight, according to urbandictionary.com is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are placed on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice are ready to eat using your bare hands.


If you’re a slow eater, chances are you’ll be left out and feel hungry when the fight is over.

twitter, @Direk_LJ

In a boodle fight, it’s all about going Rambo and shoving your hands on any food you can reach. It’s undoubtedly more exciting than dining out in a fancy restaurant.

There’s a variety of dishes you can choose and you get to eat with a lot of people (just don’t lose yourself to these guys).


It’s a very fun dining experience. (We’ll, if you’re a Filipino and haven’t tried a boodle fight, then you’re missing out A LOT in your life. Even PNoy here is enjoying his food).

navytoday.blogspot.com, photo by Jasper Barcelon

Some might get turned off because you’re using bare hands to pick food but who cares? Just thoroughly wash your hands with soap and you’re ready to go!

Get a fistful of rice, pick ‘n mix the of your choice and you’re ready to eat!

So what dishes can you pick ‘n mix in a boodle fight?

Here are some examples:

Sinugba (Grilled meat/fish)


Hotdog and other sausages



bubblews.com, photo by emanadolfo

Pancit (Any kind)




Don’t forget your sawsawan!


There are lot of dishes you can serve in a boodle fight that you can pick ‘n mix.

But what if you can also pick ‘n mix your food even if you’re not in a boodle fight?

How about pick ‘n mix your own pizza?

I heard there’s one pizza place about to open in Lahug, Cebu City where you can create your own pizza.

Pizza Repulic, is that you? Opening soon.