Here are Tado Jimenez’s Final Moments On Social Media. His Posts Will Shock You.

posted on: Saturday, February 8, 2014
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Arvin Jimenez, commonly known as Tado in showbiz, is dead at 39.

He was a comedian, a TV host and a radio jock. Unknown to many, he was also an activist.

I am a personal fan. I really loved his brand of comedy. When I first heard the sad news, I immediately posted it on social media.

I was amazed at the response of the netizens. Then, I visited his social media accounts.

And this is what I found on Tado Jimenez’s Instagram account. Let me bring you back to Tado’s last moments on social media.

His last few posts will shock  you.

Three days before he died, when a bus he rode to bring him to the mountains fell into a deep ravine, he uploaded this poster on his Instagram account.

Ironically, what he did not tell us was his “afterlife” begins at 40.

Tado Jimenez

Just as he was about to board the Florida bus to bring him to Bontoc, Mountain Province, early evening on January 6, Thursday, this is what he uploaded on his social media account.

Tado Jimenez

Eerily, he might have some premonition about his death when he posted this.


And this could have been his farewell joke to his fans.

Tado Jimenez

Things you might not know about Tado:

He owns a clothing line named “LimiTADO”.

He owns a clothing line named "LimiTADO".


He ran for a position as city councilor but finished 11th and didn’t get elected.

He run for a position as city councilor but finished 11th and didn't get elected.

Tado’s hilarious perfomance

Tado’s meme

Tado's meme

What are your fond memories of Tado?