Here Is How Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago Easily Beats Jennifer Lawrence As Katniss Everdeen

There’s nothing that Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago can’t do to amuse the Filipinos!
posted on: Friday, December 6, 2013

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If Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s privilege speech last December 4, 2013 was a movie, it could have been a blockbuster! Many of her adoring fans wouldn’t mind standing in the long queue just to get a glimpse of the movie. Luckily for us, all we needed to do was turn the television on or view a live stream in the internet.

As we all know, Senator Santiago has once again spoken words of wisdom from her privilege speech, which we can include in her lifelong Book of Funny and Pick-Up Lines, by the way. Yesterday, she even did a hand gesture made popular by the movie The Hunger Games and might as well kicked Jennifer Lawrence off the grid.

Here’s a story on why Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is the “cooler” Katniss Everdeen!


1. Senator Santiago was tired of the corruption she saw in Philippine politics so she started wearing a brown jacket and used a bow and arrow. She prepared a privilege speech to verbally attack Senator Juan Ponce Enrile.

2. President Snow, I mean Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, doesn’t like Senator Santiago. Senator Santiago feels the same. The feeling is mutual!

3. Senator Santiago ventilates her mind and does the #Mockingjay hand gesture.

4. You might be wondering where Senator Santiago learned this hand gesture. Well guess what? JLaw taught her!

5. It took Senator Santiago quite some time to learn the hand gesture, so she asked people to teach her once again, including JLaw.

6. So she practiced the hand gesture together with the Hunger Games victors from District 12.

7. and again.

8. and again.

9. Now that she has perfected the hand gesture, she gave a privilege speech, which the crowd loved by the way.

10. Senator Santiago was overjoyed that she decided to wear the official Hunger Games suit

11. and expressed her dissatisfaction with Janet Napoles.

12. Although she loves the character of Katniss Everdeen, Senator Santiago also loves to play the part of Thor.

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 Now who’s more kick-ass? Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago or Jennifer Lawrence?



 My neighbor is a certified Hunger Games fanatic so I told her about this. She was filled with the air of disbelief and wonder.

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