Here’s How You Should Dress Up On Holy Week

Create a holy smokin’ outfit!
posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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With Holy Week doesn’t have to mean you’ll wear baduy clothes.

With just the right amount of imagination, you can turn your regular wardrobe into a Holy Weekified one.

Here are our tips to make your Holy Week outfit awesome!

1. Hat

The summer heat will surely burn your skin if you will not protect yourself.

Wear a hat so that your face will be protected.

To support local business, girls can use a native hat and add some ribbons. For boys, a nice funky bull cap will do.

2. Scarf

A scarf can be your added protection from the sun and it adds color to your wardrobe.

For girls, perk up your white tee and add a colorful scarf around your neck and you’ll surely look great!

Boys can actually get away with colors, too!

3. Sunglasses

Wear the right type of sunglasses.

4. Accessories with religious icons

Time to flaunt your cross necklace or earrings! You might want to wear rosary bracelets too.

5. Sunblock

My dermatologist said that we should wear sunblock everyday. I understand why she said that. Try standing in the middle of the sun at noon for 10 minutes and let’s see who’ll get roasted in no time. Try the organic ones.

6. Umbrella

You should bring an umbrella to keep your face and body away from the sun’s rays. If it rains, it will keep you from getting wet.

7. Summer dress

Wear something very colorful because summer is the most colorful season of all! But be mindful if you are going to religious places because they don’t allow sleeveless shirts or dresses. You might want to bring a jacket to cover up your arms just in case.

8. Summer tees

Bring the warmth and color of summer into your wardrobe by wearing tees with vibrant colors! Wooo! That’ll be a feast to the eyes!

9. Flip flops or sandals

They are very comfortable to wear! What else can I say?

10. Sneakers

A sturdy pair of sneakers will be handy, especially if you will be joining a procession or making the Way of the Cross.

Your feet might be stepped on by other persons.

Did I miss anything in the list? Feel free to add the list by posting your comments below.

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