Here’s what Cebuanos did, the night before super typhoon Yolanda came

posted on: Friday, November 8, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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, Cebuanos are noticeably on the edge of their seat especially when winds up to 250 kph might hit this island province.

More than two weeks ago killing nine people.

Just a few days ago, .

With the successive calamities that hit Cebu and now this monster storm we decided to go around town to know how Cebuanos are preparing for Yolanda’s arrival.

Because staying at home is too mainstream.

Not surprisingly nightlife has shutdown in some parts of town.

Banilad Town Center decided to close early.

But some guys just have the “I don’t give a @#$%” attitude.

Like in IT PARK, Cebu City.

call center operations are not about to stop for Yolanda Even Jollibee is joining the fun “Bida ang saya”

Night life has not completely shutdown on the eve of the super typhoon.

In Mango Avenue, night life was still vibrant. Storm, what storm?

You can definitely tell if a store is true to its words when it remains open on the eve of Yolanda’s coming.

24/7 stores are true to their word, serving Cebuanos even when a super storm is about to arrive in Cebu

But eventually we noticed Mandaue City’s empty streets. Why? Because it started raining cats and dogs.

So yeah, some guys are too badass to think of safety besides it’s just a storm right? How dangerous can’t it be?