Homophobic Pinoys. Do Filipinos Hate Homosexuals?

The so-called third sex, where do they belong in the society?
posted on: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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They’re flamboyant, dressed as women, they identify themselves as female.

Many Filipinos avert their eyes away from them, filled with malice and disgust.


Homosexuals, gay, bading, bayot, tomboy or whatever name you call them, they are part of society but how well do Filipinos treat them? Do they receive equal treatment?

Unfortunately, they tend to be persecuted and stereotyped by Filipinos in this overly religious nation.

Religion plays an important role in instilling in the Filipino mind the belief that homosexuality is a ‘sin’.

Filipinos take their religion seriously. Why in Lot’s name would you be in love with the same sex?

Why do you dress like that? Why do you act like that?


The Bible. Homosexuality is against the word of God. No further explanation needed, as if Filipinos read the Bible.

Some believe that homosexuality is an illness. Is it really?

is almost sure that it isn’t but the social stigma of being gay still cuts deep.

People believe that homosexuals cause the .

Homosexuals are stereotyped as laughing stock in television and only seen as hairdressers and makeup artists who join in a comedic parody of a beauty pageant.


But the simplest reason is that homosexuality is just unnatural.

Cross-dressing is weird and being attracted to the same sex does not yield to procreation.

How really is homosexuality perceived in the Philippines?

Is it really that negative? Is is really that bad?

According to a , homosexuality is tolerated by Filipinos but it is still frowned upon.


Me think, homosexuals are slowly accepted in society, just look at Vice Ganda’s films. His (or her?) movies make it to the top 10  in the country.

And his movies are about homosexuality.

It’s not just Vice Ganda alone, Gloc-9’s Sirena is also one of the most watched Filipino video on Youtube with 12 million views.

It tackles about the life of a gay person and how he is physically abused by his father.

Well, if you’re a parent and your son/daughter turns out to be gay, would you accept him/her?

UniversalRecPH Youtube Channel

There’s Boy Abunda, Allan K. and John Lapus who are generally accepted by the Filipino audience.

Homosexuals are no longer being looked down as much as in the past.

They function well in the community compared to those heterosexual tambays and criminals.

Yet, many still feel don’t fully accept them the way they are.

Fully accepting the homosexuals, we’re getting there, it’s just a matter of time.