How Did Our Colonizers Rape Us Before We Got Our Independence?

June 19 is our national hero’s birthday. Jose Rizal and many others died for our independence. But are we really independent today?
posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2014
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José Rizal died for our independence.

It was June 12, 1898 when General Emilio Aguinaldo waved the first Philippine flag in his ancestral home, a firm declaration of our independence from the grip of Spain’s 333 year rule.

It was a glorious moment for the brave Filipinos who fought and struggled for our independence.

On May 12, 1962, President Diosdado Macapagal issued declaring June 12 as the Philippine Independence Day. Every June 12, we celebrate our freedom from the foreign rule.

Surely, we Filipinos feel ecstatic when it comes to our independence, but are we truly free?

Well, our government is more corrupt than hell and poverty is still as widespread as those minors who smoke cigarette.

We Filipinos might be free from foreign rule but it has left us with a lot of crippling problems that we may not be able to see it go away in our lifetime.

The Spanish has left us with a religion that keeps on interfering with government.

As if the Philippine government was built by Catholicism and could not function without the priests meddling with the laws of the people.

Then they threaten those who defy them with excommunication.

Why don’t they just shut their mouth and let the government do its job?


Spain also brainwashed the Filipinos into thinking that whatever is foreign is always better. Colonial mentality, it’s the reason why local products are struggling to compete with the international brands.

Filipinos see the “stateside” products as superior, even though it costs more than twice the local brands.

They pay more to the product’s advertisement than the product itself.

The Americans left us with  –  the main reason why gasoline, internet and rice are so expensive.

Eliminating competition means more control with the market price.

And then the government does nothing to abolish it since the politicians either are bribed by these companies or they own one.

And who voted for these politicians? Yes, you’re right, us.

The Americans also introduced partisan politics where the politicians only support their allies, refusing to fund projects if they are owned by the rival party.


Unity in the government never seems to exist.

The Japanese on the other hand, were more atrocious with their raping, baby killing and the infamous .

Then they left us with the destruction of various cities and forests, turning them into wasteland.

The Japanese occupation led to the formation of Hukbalahap, which has been an early form of a communist rebel group.

The rebels are now a major problem in maintaining peace especially in the Mindanao region.

But the Japanese also suffered in the war even more than us.

Luckily, they recovered fast to become one of Asia’s most industrialized country while here we are, still trying to “develop” our economy that’s comparable with a dilapidated jeepney stuck in a puddle of mud.

Freedom isn’t just about being free from foreign rule.

Heck, it’s better for a lion to rule a herd of sheep than a weak sheep to rule it’s own species.

If Filipinos were still a colony of the US, what do you think would be the outcome?

I’m pretty sure our lives might be a lot better with less poor and squatters draining the national budget.

Since the Americans value education, more Filipinos would be educated and vote the right candidate during the election.

Our forefathers fought and died for our independence, and it’s our turn to develop this independence into something we can all equally enjoy.