Are you really sure your kid or your sibling is not a victim of child abuse? Do something about it now.

You, me and the entire society can help this advocacy!
posted on: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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In response to child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week, the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office VII encouraged parents and the entire community to stay vigilant and help combat sexual child abuse and molestation.

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The theme for this year’s awareness week is “Proteksyon ng Bata… Tungkulin ng Bawat Isa.” This means all sectors of the society should take part of this advocacy.

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According to Grace Yana, social worker focal person on children, “Parents should be aware of some behavioral symptoms that an abused child display like experiencing depression, poor school performance, anxiety or may exhibit aggressive and self-destructive behavior. Sexual abuse often involves more than a single incident and could go on for months and years if not prevented. Teaching young children about the different parts of the body and telling them that no one can touch their bodies if they don’t want possible abuse to happen.”

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Dr. Eduardo Bacaltos of the Depatment of Education (DepEd-7), on the other hand, emphasized the integration of sex education in the basic education curriculum of our country. “Teaching children the exact name of the genitals at an early age is better than telling them about the birds and the flowers,” he said.

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The subjects where sex education will be integrated are Science and Araling Panlipunan.

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Lastly, Senior Police Inspector Marylou Cuizon reiterates the need of parents in teaching their children on how to use internet safely and responsibly.

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“Kids should avoid posting and e-mailing personal information like photos, birth dates and addresses to strangers who would lure them with money and other material things,” Cuizon said.

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Aren’t you glad that you have a vital role in this advocacy?