How To Prove That Santa Claus Is Definitely Pinoy

He is more Pinoy than we thought!
posted on: Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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Christmas is just around the corner and so is the coming of Santa Claus. Inevitably, he will really come and figure out if you have been naughty or nice.  all these years, you may have cemented the idea that Santa Claus is a cool chubby guy from the North Pole with European features. Did you not consider that he could be Pinoy? Want proof? Here’s proof!

He loves to wear Barong Tagalog and salakot during parties and events!

You thought that Santa’s ONLY job was bringing gifts to kids all over the world, right? WRONG! He is a traffic enforcer and works for the Metro Manila Development Authority. He actually dances to the beat of Micheal Jackson while supervising traffic.

He might even be better than MJ for all I know.

He’s definitely feeling the heat and the beat when he’s at work. Look at him! He lost the weight he gained from the party!

 I can’t blame Santa for being too hardworking. After all, he has a lot of elves to feed!

Santa also does wonder, “What the fox say!”

During his day off, he gives some kids a tour at the Manila Ocean Park.

We all know that working as a traffic enforcer is very stressful, so he takes a drink to unwind. There’s nothing like a bottle of Siok Tong to call his nerves! (No wonder he has perpetually rosy cheeks! All the pulutan has made him gain the weight back in a snap!)


Just like most Pinoys, drinking gives him a beer belly.

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One time, he got so drunk that he asked his tattoo artist friend to give him a tattoo of Mrs. Claus on his back. Unfortunately, his friend was also very drunk.

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He packs up all the gifts to be delivered. He doesn’t use a sleigh. He prefers a jeepney!

While he and his friend were drunk as hell, they were able to compose a Christmas carol.

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He is definitely Pinoy, right?