How Vendors Make The Santo Niño De Cebu Statue

Vendors are now working overtime to keep up with the increasing demand for Santo Niño de Cebu replicas.
posted on: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Two Sundays from now, Sinulog 2014 will finally be celebrated and this time of the year is the busiest amongst our brothers and sisters who are selling replicas of the beloved Santo Niño. How do they make them, anyway?

After the body of the statue is carved out of wood or cast from fiberglass, the vendors prepare the outfit.

The outline of the costume is lined and cut.

Beads and other gold-like decor on the costume is being sewn or glued.

They also make the golden staff of the Santo Niño…

…then begin attaching it to the statue.

If you will order a big Santo Niño, the pedestal will be painted in gold.

Once the costume is placed in the statue, finishing details are being glued.

Here are the finished products!

Pit Senyor, everyone!