If You’re A Caroler, You Better Watch Out For These Kinds Of Houses

Let me give you some tips as to which houses to visit when caroling.
posted on: Wednesday, December 3, 2014
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It’s Christmas time!

And ’tis the season of singing. Yes, carolers are everywhere. Little kids (lets keep this a secret: even adults) are singing their hearts out to different houses to earn a little. And if you’re one of them, here’s a little tip on where your vocals will surely do *winks*.

Let’s start with the simpler ones. . .


A house with simple Christmas decorations. This kind of house is where the family are just usually around. You’ll surely receive something.


Next, watch out for this window.

via Pinterest

I’m sure someone is peeking and listening to you. So sing loudly!


This is obvious.

Christian Lozañes via Flickr

The bigger the lights, the brighter the house. . .  More money!


Do you see a car?


Not necessarily owned by the house next door. But mostly these are for the working class. Be sure to drop by around 7 PM.

Mostly students and fresh grads occupy this one.


They have softer hearts than the others. So sure they can relate to you.


Watch out for this!


You really have to pour your lungs out to be heard.

Syagit taman’s ginhawa!


This house maybe simple, but don’t fret.


These are the families who don’t possess that much but they would still give. So just sing softly, puff your eyes, and kill ’em with charm.


Ooohhh Boy!!!


You need a good quality slippers for this (haha!). I’m just kidding. It doesn’t mean that the owners are wicked. They’re just into security. But still be ready. ;)


One Big Parol!


There’s always this biggest parol in the neighborhood. They absolutely have the biggest spirit of Christmas.


But still, the best house for you to sing a Christmas song is your own Home!


You’ll get more than what you’re expecting. Not just money, but also love. Lots of love. Plus there’s a bonus – those sweet smiles from your family.

Merry Christmas & Happy Singing!