If You’ve Watched Animes As A Kid, This list Will Make You Cry.

posted on: Sunday, June 8, 2014

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When I was a kid, I was bullied. I could say that my childhood was just a bunch of bs if not for anime shows in the 90s. (Thinking about it now, I could fairly say I’m glad my childhood is over and I don’t want to go back. Boy oh boy! Am I included in the list of those who have no childhood? LOL!)

I couldn’t remember anybody defending me in real life so watching those shows gave me hope.

They inspired me to be strong, at least for a while.


Whenever I’d feel so out of place or bullied, I’d look at the clock and wait for the time when my favorite animes to be shown on TV. It was my way of charging a low batt gadget (me).

So what were some of the animes or super sentai series shown in the 90s?

Take a look!

Hey kids of the 90s! Time to reminisce!



The Tagalog Version na nakaka-LSS!

I can’t stop singing na! Wahahaha! Super love ko ang show na ‘to!

Do you have an idea who sang the Tagalog version of the Maskman opening theme? Here he is!


Closing Theme



I used to watch this every weekend in my neighbor’s house because our antennae could not get the signal of ABC 5. I would make sure that my scores were good so that my parents would allow me to watch it.


Sayang! Namatay si Black Condor. How sad naman.

Pink Swallow teaches us the WEIRD dance steps. Dance with her at your own risk. LOL!

Wala akong plano na isayaw eto Pink Swallow. Ang weird kasi ng steps. Hehehe!

Power Rangers

Nakakaloka! Friday night ito ipinapalabas. Naiinis talaga ako kapag di kami pinapanood ng TV on a Friday night. Effort na effort pa naman ako sa mga grades ko the entire week tapos isang mali lang ng younger sibling mo, idadamay ka na ng parents mo. Nakakainis!

Voltes V

Japanese Version

Aside from Lupang Hinirang, I also consider this the pambansang theme song ng Pilipinas. Even the kids of the 80s will agree with this.

The Weird English Version


Dragon Ball Z

I had a lot of Dragon Ball Z card collection back then but my parents burned them all. Imagine the horror I felt!

Gundam Wing

This is my number one anime! Period!

Gundam G


Round and fluffy aliens make a funny anime. Don’t you agree?


Gotta catch ’em all!


I know you’d wish for a pet cat like Doraemon too! Don’t deny it!

Flame of Recca

How great would it be to have dragons who dwell in your tattoos? Awesome, right?

Ghost Fighter

We waited for ages until Taguro reached isang daang porsyento! 

Machine Man

He has a plastic cover cape and a floating ball companion. Period. Hehehe!


The Filipino series of Pulis Pangkalawakan was inspired by Shaider.

Mask Rider Black

He was the most enigmatic masked protagonist for me. Hehehe! Silent mode at nakasimangot palagi.


I can never forget the episode when the protagonist brought a fork instead of his transforming gadget kay na-rattle siya pag-abot sa monster. LOL!

Cedie and Munting Prinsipe

He is the most buotan boy I ever saw… on TV.

Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa

She’s like the female version of Cedie na super bait!

Samurai X

The slasher’s abilities are a stuff of legend!

Nobody’s Boy Remi

Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo


I just listen in envy at our neighbor’s TV when I am not allowed to watch TV on a Friday night.

Judy Abbott

I love watching the reruns!

Thunder Jet

Lupin III

My parents watch this too!


The most rated 18 kid you’ll ever know. Thank God he has a cute pet dog name Shiro.


Time Quest

Time travel is made possible with a severely talkative kettle.

I don’t know what’s with the ending theme of Time Quest but I absolutely love it!


This baby started it all!

Julio at Julia: Kambal ng Tadhana


I had a great crush with their vice-captain, Kiminobu Kogure.



Their transformation takes ages to finish. LOL! Moon crystal power make up!

Cardcaptor Sakura


Sorcerer Hunters

Rave Master

Hell Teacher Nube


Robin Hood no Daibouken

Monster Rancher

Outlaw Star

Eto Rangers

Akazukin Chacha

Saber Marionette J

Fushigi Yuugi

My high school classmates raved about this anime.

Vision of Escaflowne

Ranma 1/2

Water means danger because Ranma transforms into a girl if he gets wet.

Magical Stage Fancy Lala

Magic Knight Rayearth

Bubblegum Crisis 2040


Hunter X Hunter

I frequently hear the word subastahan in this anime.

Virtua Fighter

The Adventures of Peter Pan


Heidi is super cutie!

Dog of Flounders


Blue Blink



Saint Tail


Nalipong ko gamay while gahimo sa list. But I am enjoying the part where I get to see the opening themese of the animes. Nakaka-miss!

I am sure that there are animes na I wasn’t able to write here. Please tell me kung ano ang mga nakalimutan ko. Hehehe!

I hope you enjoyed this compilation because I did enjoy making it.

Da best jud and mga salida sauna, sah? 

#ThrowbackThursday kaayo atong mode ron ay!