Impress Your Valentina On Heart’s Day With These 10 Pre-date Rituals

One thing to remember, dudes: NEVER LET HER DOWN.
posted on: Thursday, February 13, 2014


Love is in the air! And we bet you already have those flowers and sweets ready for your sweetheart. But wait, if Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, are we forgetting something? Here are 10 tips to consider on your pre-date rituals to get you well-groomed and to fully impress your Valentina on on that special day.

1. Work out.

Work out

Exercise gives your body greater definition, makes you feel energized and reduces those first-date butterflies by releasing feel-good hormones. It makes your skin brighter, too. For better results, work-out at least two hours before your meeting.

2. Iron your best wear.

iron your best wear

Don’t let that rumpled shirt of yours ruin the mood of that ‘big night’.

3. Shave. Please.

Shave. Please.

Choosing between a clean-shaven look or some facial hair is up to you; just remember that everything needs to look well-groomed.

4. The manscape, dude!


Women literally take days to prepare for a date – manicures, pedicures, you name it. As courtesy, men could do a little body maintenance themselves, too.

5. Spray on your body with that best scent.

Spray on your body with that best scent.

Get your deodorant, aftershave, shower gels and her favorite cologne scent (that is, if you have an idea) ready for that do-or-die night-of-your-life.

6. Shine your shoes.

Shine your shoes

They say women can tell you who you are just by looking at your shoes. You are guaranteed to be judged by your footwear on your big night. Shine those shoes out. Or let’s not think about it, if you`re gonna wear your sneakers.

7. Pack on a date kit.

Pack on a date kit

This is just not your usual first-aid or medicine kit. Pack on a couple of breath mints or gums in your pocket. This thoughtful preparation before your death—err, date—can really go a long way.

8. Prepare your car (or the pamasahe instead?).

Prepare your car

Well, don’t take it literally. What we really mean here is to prepare your bayad for that trip to Jerusalem with your Valentina. Oh, come on guys, wouldn’t it be mean of us to let girls pay the fares for us?

9. Clean your sheets.

Clean your sheets

After the night away, if you have more than 50 percent of chance your Valentina won’t dodge you, you can invite her to your home. Sounds good? Don’t let it be like “Grasya na, naging bato pa.”

10. Have a back-up plan.

Have a back-up plan.

Imagine your face showing up at the restaurant only to discover that they`ve lost your reservation; and there are no tables left for you and your sweetheart on that big evening. Let’s do this right, man. Prepare a back-up plan and confirm everything a day or two to avoid misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Good luck, dude. Rock and roll!

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