Why You Should Witness Tonight’s Carbo Loading Party and Many More

Cobra Energy Drink IronMan 70.3 Philippines
posted on: Friday, August 1, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

The is just a few days away! The racers and spectators are not the only ones excited but literally, EVERYONE IS EXCITED! Cause duh, who won’t get excited when you see those triathletes running, dripping wet, where you can clearly see their carved bodies (if you know what I mean) and then the celebrities. Yes, Papa P is joining as I’ve mentioned  and other celebrities on whom we can feast our eyes on.

Ironman 2014

I bet the racers are already here in Cebu because tonight these guys are going to load themselves up with carbohydrates or what is commonly called as carbo loading.


To quote Wikipedia:

Carbohydrate loading, commonly referred to as carb-loading or carbo-loading, is a strategy used by endurance athletes, such as marathon runners, to maximize the storage of glycogen (or energy) in the muscles.”

Basically the triathletes eat carb-rich food a day before the race because they need as much energy as possible, carbohydrates = energy.

So they are going to fill themselves up with carb-rich food like spaghetti, pizza, rice, etc. Mouth-watering right? Pizza all you want, spaghetti all the way!


Tonight’s carbo loading party will be held at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa at 6:30 p.m. AND speaking of party, there will be a Pyromania at Discovery Bay in sitio Mangal, barangay Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City at 8 p.m.



Entrance is free and in store for you is a spectacular fireworks festival, street food and live bands.


Last year’s carbo loading received a positive feedback from the racers. Check out the video below as to why.

So, see you tonight?