Is It True That Filipinos Love The US More Than Americans?

posted on: Tuesday, April 29, 2014
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According to an , 85% of Filipinos trust the US, and it’s no longer surprising that we ranked first in having the most favorable view of the US, more than the Americans themselves.

Just look at this survey result:

Anyway, without further ado, why do we love the US so much?

Is it because we see him as a big brother, who can defend us against the blustering China?, Charles Dharapak, AP / AP

Perhaps we have this disease called colonial mentality that we see English-speaking people as a status symbol and thus a better people (All hail Kris Aquino and her extensive use of Taglish).


Or maybe because we have a that we grow to care for our own subjugators?

Calm your nerves everyone, I’m not saying we don’t have anything to prove to ourselves.

Let’s just accept the fact that we need Uncle Sam to further our economic goals and territorial rights.

Right now, China is a big player and if  there is a confrontation, we wouldn’t win like how David defeated Goliath with a mere slingshot., Charles Dharapak/ Associated Press

Despite the cheers the US received from most of us, there are still clamor from a  minority who vehemently slam American support.

Why do they hate Unle Sam? Well, their nationalist for crying out loud

Whatever the reasons we have for having a more favorable view of the US more than the Americansthemselves, let’s just hope the meeting between the two presidents will benefit us Filipinos.