Is ‘Tuli’ A Violation To Human Rights? This Superhero Says So

For us Filipinos, ‘tuli’ is a tradition. For others, it’s a serious violation to the basic human rights.
posted on: Friday, July 18, 2014
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is a comic book superhero who fights against those who practice genital mutilation.

This new age superhero is created by Matthew Hess, president of , in protest of male genital mutilation which he considers a .

In the of the comic book aptly titled “Operation Tuli”, Foreskin Man goes to Manila to save this boy who is reluctant to undergo circumcision.

Flickr | Matthew Hess

Look how the comics depicts this boy’s mother…

Flickr | Matthew Hess

Here are the boys getting their “pencils sharpened”…

Flickr | Matthew Hess

It’s tuli time!

Flickr | Matthew Hess

Foreskin Man arrives!

Flickr | Matthew Hess

He fights the bad guys and saves the boys.

Flickr | Matthew Hess Flickr | Matthew Hess

Has comic books gone too far? Or is circumcision really a violation to human rights?

You might consider this comics as a joke but the author looks serious in his advocacy.