It’s Friday the 13th. Be Watchful Of These 13 Filipino Superstitions. Or Else.

Filipinos are superstitious people and there are a lot of things they consider malas.
posted on: Friday, June 13, 2014
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Superstitions are a part of Filipino culture.

These things have been passed down from generation to generation.

Superstitions are supposed to guide us in living our lives.

If you take them seriously, just don’t panic when you do these things this Friday the 13th:

1. Encountering a black cat

Black cats are witches. They must be burned or you’ll be having a very bad day!

2. Sleeping with your feet pointing towards the doorway

It mimics the carrying of a coffin towards the doorway.

You should always sleep with your body perpendicular to the doorway.

3. A framed picture of a person falls and breaks on the floor

This is a cliché in horror movies, you should glue your pictures on the wall.

4. If recently circumcised, a house lizard must not see your junior

Your junior when you are tuli would swell even more if a tiki or tuko sees it.

5. Sweeping the floor at night

It’s because your sweeping away the money instead of dust.

6. Black butterfly inside the house

A black butterfly represent the spirit of the dead.

It’s bad luck. I don’t know why but trust me, shoo it away.

7. Following the coffin’s path

When a coffin is carried outside the house to the church, you should go in another direction to prevent yourself from dying next.

8. Eating something ugly while pregnant will make your child ugly

It’s the concept of lihi.

If you look like a pig, then your mother must have eaten lots of pork.

Gilihi ka sa baboy.

9. The bride must not wear her dress before the wedding

You should wear it during the wedding day.

It doesn’t matter if the dress doesn’t fit you.

10. The groom must arrive before the bride

It’s a sign of being a gentleman, you must impress your wife-to-be.

11. Cutting your nails at night

Mama says one of your loved ones would die if you would.

I tried cutting my nails at night then my 90-year-old grandfather died, so it must be true.

12. Not doing the sign of the cross before travelling

Doing the sign of the cross invokes your guardian angel.

It doesn’t save you from accident if your drunk and driving though.

13. Buildings with 13th floor

They say hotels don’t have a 13th floor.

The floor just skips from 12th to 14th.

I’ll know it someday if I’m lucky enough to bring a girl to a hotel.

It’s Friday the 13th, just remember to pass these superstitions on to your children to keep the tradition alive!