Katy Perry’s Guide to Kadaugan Street Party on April 25-27, 2014

She is our awesome guide to this year’s party party party!
posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Oh yes! Kadaugan sa Mactan is just a few days away! The biggest summer festival in Cebu.

Aren’t you excited?


The celebration is part of Lapu-Lapu City’s commemoration of the Battle of Mactan.

This year the event is not only for two but three awesome days.


April 25 to 27 are the dates to remember guys!

And how does one manage to survive three days of festivities?

A lot of rest prior to the 25th and always celebrate with your friends! That will definitely do the trick.

Danjick Lim Photography

And who shall guide you to Kadaugan Street Party? Surprisingly, Katy Perry can do it for you!

You should see this yourself!


1. Thou shall wear thy most flamboyant outfit!


If you want to stand out from the crowd, wear the best outfit you can possibly think of.

2. Thou shall drink in moderation.


If you will join the Sun Down Beer Run, make sure you are not too drunk to reach the finish line.

Remember, you will be asked to crawl in order to finish the test!

Still not registered?


3. Thou shall choose the best Hari ng Lapu-Lapu.


Fan of beauty pageants for males? Make sure to join the Search for Hari ng Lapu-Lapu on April 25, 2014.


4. Thou shall check out the cool cars!


Auto enthusiasts and lovers rejoice! Cool cars will be paraded near the Goldberry Hotel on April 26 and 27, 2014


5. Thou shall be amazed with the cool audio exhibition as well.


If the cars are cool, wait ’til you see their sound system! Your ears will surely drop!


6. Thou must see with both eyes the cosplay competition.


What’s gonna be different about this cosplay? Participants are going to be filled with LED lights!


7. Thou shall marvel at the floats filled with LED lights!


If the cosplayers will shine in the night, the floats will shine brighter on April 26, 2014 along Manuel L. Quezon Avenue.


8. Thou shall feel like a tiger amidst the company of higantes.


The higantes will be bigger than you but as long as you have the confidence of a tiger, you can roar your way with all the fun!


9. Thou shall party with friends and enjoy the night away!


Why party solo when you can party with friends? They can certainly make any party better, right?


10. Thou shall lay both eyes on the fireworks!


Of course, we should save the best for last! Feast your eyes on fireworks that will fill the night sky with bright colors on April 27, 2014!

Joining the Kadaugan sa Mactan is so cool, right?

Also, you can even have the chance to win awesome prizes!

Like this one:

social media banner for kiss me

Click for the details.

And who doesn’t love taking a selfie? We made a contest for you too:


There will be free Wi-Fi provided along the festival area so make sure to post your #selfies along with the hashtag #Kadaugan2014, #GoldenPrinceHotel

And wait going back to the raffle thingy, did I mention this:


Just click on this link to enter the raffle: 

Here is the schedule of the events for the coming Kadaugan 2014:


And guys, be aware of the traffic advisory


Meanwhile, let me leave you with Katy Perry having the time of her life!

Taken from Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night video

See you all at Kadaugan Street Party.