Lifestyle Differences: Pinoys vs Americans’ Way Of Life

Prepare to be culture shocked. How much different really is the way of life between Pinoys and Americans?
posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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The Philippines is a nation of more than 90 million people while the US has 300 million.

Our country is about 8200 miles away from the Land of the Free.

So what kind of life do Filipinos and Americans live?

Here’s a quick comparison:

1. Alarm Clock


It’s loud, but it can be turned off.


If you want to turn off your cock then you have to kill it… and turn it into fried chicken.

2. Entering the house


CBS | The Big Bang Theory

Shoes inside the house!

It’s fine, they have vacuum cleaner to clean dirt they leave.


You better leave your shoes or tsinelas at the door or else, you have to sweep the floor!

3. Eating


Semi-formal, use any utensil you want.


Kinamot lang pag may time!

4. Public transportation


Air-conditioned taxi, and many Americans have their own car.


Panguros na lang daan!

5. Taking a bath or dump


Americans call it bathroom.


Pinoys call it “CR”.

CRs rarely have tissue paper available. Just use the dipper provided to clean your butt.

6. Internet speed

American: via reddit

It’s the average download speed in the US, and yet, they still complain about “slow” internet.

Pinoy: via

It’s in Asia, get used to it.

7. Watching a movie at home


They have legal video streaming sites to watch high definition movies on the computer or on TV.


Pirated DVDs lang.

Dili pa jud dakpon sa pulis bisag naa ra sa duol ang tindahan.

8. Family


Parents and children, it’s rare to have other family members in the household. When you reach the age of 18, you have to be independent and rent your own apartment.


Filipinos are family oriented people. Say hi to Tito Bhoy, Tita Baby. And don’t forget lolo and lola in a house that’s just enough for five people.

9. Snack


Pizza delivery!


WastedProductions facebook page

Buy 1 take 1 ni brad!

10. Shopping mall


The has 500+ stores while…


Though the Mall of America occupies a larger land area than most malls in the Philippines, shopping malls in PH typically has 700+ stores and averages 150,000 people on weekends.

Filipinos really take their shopping seriously.

What do you like and hate about Pinoy lifestyle?

What about the American? Oh, you, there’s nothing to hate about the American lifestyle.